Wondering Why Sufficient Leads Aren’t Being Generated by Your Website? I’ll Give You Six Reasons. The amount of leads your website is generating isn’t enough. Here’s our basic solution for website lead generation.  

How many leads is your website losing you each month?? 


What company doesn’t? 

If your site is bringing in little-to-no new leads, this article will point out certain areas you can improve right away to rectify this. Following the tips in this article will help you determine what you are doing right and wrong. It won’t be long before you start producing qualified leads that can be nurtured on a regular basis.  

Do you want to know why the amount of leads you’re generating isn’t enough? We will give you six reasons.


A website’s landing page describes an advertising or marketing offer, as well as captures the contact information of a lead. If the landing page on your website isn’t converting any leads, there are elements lacking that you should be including, namely the following:

• An alluring image of what your offering entails

• One concise and clear offer

• Offer details in bullet points

• A form to fill out that isn’t heavy on mandatory fields

• A vibrant CTA button

• An explainer video capable of increasing conversion rates.


Is one way of using a form better than another?

Your website may be rich with content, but if it isn’t accompanied by a form, then you are leaving valuable opportunities on the table, ones that could help you remain in contact with prospects. Consider having visitors fill out a form to obtain your expertise. This will generate a qualified lead list that can be nurtured. Quality forms should include the following:

• A clear offer, which is conveyed in the title

• A minimal amount of required fields

• The ways contact information will get used

• A vibrant CTA button

• A privacy policy list

• Data security information to put people at ease about sharing their info


Go over your website’s engagement metrics. How much time are users spending browsing videos, pictures, and wording that describes your services and products? How long are people staying on these pages? If visitors aren’t spending too much time observing content on your site, odds are that you do not have very much of it. Fortunately for you, it is fairly easy to fill your website with content.

After some brainstorming, you can involve your entire team by doing the following:

• Check to see if a page is available for each service or product you offer

• Review the most frequently visited pages and create more content centered on that subject

• Add pages that describe what makes your website different from the competitions’

• Evaluate your competitors’ websites. Do they lack content? If so, endeavor to make your website more compelling than theirs

• Fill your blog up with content that is refreshed daily, and capitalize on keyword opportunities

• Purchase decisions should be reinforced with case studies, testimonials, and customer reviews.


How good is your existing content?

Bounce rates refer to the specific percentage of website visitors who don’t spend very much time on it, usually at leaving after visiting a single page. If your website comes with a bounce rate that is fairly high, this could suggest that people aren’t spending very much time on your website, perhaps because they aren’t finding what they need from it. Maybe your website is full of content, but it isn’t interesting to very many people. This begs the question – what steps can you take to get people to stay on your website for longer durations?

The answer – add content that is more engaging. Here’s how you can go about doing that:

• Don’t dillydally – get right to your point. If visitors are overthinking what you are telling them, you are going to lose them

• The content you write should be easy for your audience to understand. That means leaving out industry terminology or buzzwords they may not be familiar with

• Start with direct and clear explanations about the way your services and products can resolve problems. Leave product functionality specifics at the bottom of the page – save it for when you have a visitor’s attention

• Utilize various forms of media that can capture their attention, such as games, interactive elements, videos, photos, text, etc.

• Make sure the design of your website is clean so that content is simple to read and comprehend. The text should be brief, and paragraphs should be narrow. Images should be inserted between paragraphs. If your website comes across as cluttered, visitors aren’t going to stay on it.


Your site needs to be found by search engines before it can be crawled, indexed, rated, and displayed on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). This begs another question – how do you get people to find your website?  SEO involves preparing website pages so that they can be crawled by Google and other search engines. SEO’s purpose is to improve where a website ranks on SERPs.

Ideally, your website should be the very first one that comes up when people perform a query for something you specialize in. This includes relevant keywords and branded terms.

It’ll be easier for search engines to crawl your website when you insert target keyword phrases into your content (as long as you avoid keyword stuffing).


Before you begin acquiring leads from your website, it first needs to be seen on Google. How can you make this happen?

• Use relevant keywords to optimize your pages

• Improve your website’s loading speed by switching to a faster web host and compressing your imagery

• Make sure your website is responsive so that it renders correctly on all devices

• Get people to add a link that points to your website for the sake of increasing the amount of backlinks it has

• Add a listing for your business on websites like Google My Business. Listing services like these can manage your exposure on multiple websites from a single dashboard

• Create a site map (XML) and then submit it to Google’s webmaster tools (and similar sites)

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